As mentioned, Arellano's is also a General Contractor in full home remodeling and building. Inside and outside the homes and businesses. This is totally separate from Arellano-Kitchens, our cabinet shop: Kitchen, bath and custom furniture business.

Though it works well having our remodeling business when needing electricians, plumbers, tile work, floor work, painting, wall texuring wall removals, soffit changes, add-on's combining kitchen / dining rooms, Florida rooms.

And in the bathrooms: Adding to the size of the rooms, adding tubs, toilets, lighted mirrors and tiling showers and installing frameless shower stalls.

So many other things that can involve structural building and remodeling inside and out. That still involves licences and insurance.

We will be glad to discuss all of this and anything else with you, And give you the references to show you of our capabilities and favoring reviews of this side of our work if you would like...and of course our website. Just ask

Note: Arellano's-Remodeling website also needs to be updated a little. As does the Arellano-Kitchens website. So again bare with us. Our actual physical work comes 1st. All the rest of the patting ourselves on our backs with our Websites, pictures etc. comes 2nd


Arellano-Kitchens / Arellano-Remodel: 

Under the Management of Pablo Arellano, Arellanos JNP Home and Store Tech Inc.

Pompano Beach, Florida 33064 ... Phone: 954-281-0521 ... Licensed and insured


Thank You for your time and consideration

Thank You, Pablo Arellano