Kitchens, Baths and so much more and more and....... Well, You know

Arellano's is a family owned/family run business. With the craftsmanship of the four brothers and our close top quality employees that have worked with us for years and are today part of our family. We have proven time and again working with the customer, our ability to give them what they want in a timely and professional manner. From the start of any work on the job site to the clean up (every day) we will always be on top of the job till the finish. 

Our cabinet shop located in Pompano Beach is able to produce any type of cabinetry and furniture that is required by the customer to have built and installed in their home. Being if the exterior of the cabinets are wood, thermofoil or any other product, they will all still be top quality inside and out... built with pride. Arellano's flexabily to be able to reface existing cabinets or build and install new cabinets, or sometimes having the option of both. We are actually able to say never say never.  

With Emilio running the custom cabinet shop (Arellanos-Kitchens), specializing in the Kitchens, Bathrooms, custom furniture and cabinetry since 1999 and in the industry since 1993.

And Nicolas, being the Superintendent of our General Contracting firm

(Arellano's-Remodel) since 2007 and in the Industry since 1995.

Pablo. One of two major owners (Pablo Arellano), has been able to combine the two businesses together, so when needed and/or desired by the customer to be able to do a full remodel for the kitchen, bathroom or even additional work that may be needed inside or outside the home. Tying all the WORKS to make it WORK for each and every customer.

No additional contractors need to be hired by the customer when remodeling the kitchen or bathroom. Or even  building and installing entertainment centers within the home with all the wiring. We do it all. We have the references to show

We speak English, Spanish and a little of...??🙂

There has always been, and will always be, an Arellano at Arellano's


Arellano-Kitchens / Arellano-Remodel

Under the Management of Pablo Arellano, Arellanos JNP Home and Store Tech Inc.

Pompano Beach, Florida 33064 ... Phone: 954-281-0521 ... Licensed and insured


Thank You for your time and consideration

Thank You, Pablo Arellano